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Kathryne Neches

As a blogger who regularly forgets what forms a truly spiritual experience can take, your word-paintings of Lotus are a balm for the memory. Sitting here in Santa Barbara, on a rare, cold, wet California afternoon I almost feel inspired to hop a plane to Media, PA to nurture my soul as well as my taste buds. Every dish sounds divine, even the tepid soup! Here in Santa Barbara we are treated almost daily to fresh produce and creative parings of this and that, but this little off-the- beaten-path jewel in Schmalltown USA sounds worth the three thousand mile trip for some tastes. Do they have take out?


Thanks for this introduction to Lotus - I will now definitely go and try this restaurant.

In general, I have a dim view of Media restaurants, from the faux Asian (suburban taste Asian) AZIE to countless others who promise this or that kind of food without being able to deliver. But something is definitely stirring in Delaware County and Lotus might just be the beginning of a beautiful (food) friendship with a town that so far has come up short.

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Vending machine food? Maybe when I was young and invincible. No way I'd go there now. I can see the "gawking as you drive by an accident" kind of draw it might have.

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you'll most certainly come away from this place clicking your heels together and, chanting, to paraphrase Dorothy, "There's no place like Lotus...there's no place like Lotus...there's no place like Lotus."

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